The Best Products For Beautiful Skin All Summer Long…

Summertime is near. So that means long, hot days and lots of sun exposure!! It’s important to keep our skin protected and balanced however. Don’t forget to reset after the sun with these fabulous beauty buys to keep your skin looking youthful and bright!

  • Vitamin C Serum by LilyAna Naturals…vitamin c will keep your skin radiant. It helps reduce wrinkles and evens tone. This will remove scarring too! I swear by this stuff now. Your skin will be glowing and any sign of recent breakouts will be gone. I love how soft my skin feels too. I actually stopped wearing foundation again after finding this stuff! It helps maintain a youthful looking complexion like no other. And combats the sun exposure!

  • Rosehip & Hibiscus Eye Cream by LilyAna Naturals…ok y’all..I had some mad dark under eye circles for awhile! No sleep, in my new mommy years, did a number on my skin. Eye creams were very new to me. This one is so delicate & refreshing. This is also another reason I do not need so much highlighter & foundation!!

  • Freeman Beauty Infusion Revitalizing Peel Off Mask- Pomegranate + Peptides…this is another amazing face mask that cost next to nothing for its work. I use this once a week for a quick way to clean out the pores and keep my skin firm! My skin feels so clean when it’s done.

  • St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer…I have sung its praises many times! I love this face lotion. This smell alone is glorious. Simply one of the best…this lotion goes a long, long way and at only $5 a tub, who wouldn’t want some?!! You need to make sure to add Collagen to your facial routine and this is a great step. Keep your skin moisturizer on hand all Summer!

  • Retinol Cream by Niara Beauty…we found this so cheap on Amazon and I had to instantly buy a few more bottles! I have even gotten compliments on my skin this summer ever since I have added this to my skincare regime. Its divine!! Retinol does wonders to reduce appearance of aging and  discoloration. Highly recommend using. This is by far my favorite beauty product.

  • Freeman Brightening Overnight Mask – Hibicus + Vitamin C… another summer staple! This will instantly brighten your skin. I use this a few times a week. Feeling tight after a little too much sun? This has your back. You will be basking in your own glow come Morning time. Another simple money saver here too! You can find this in Ulta or even Target etc..

I honestly use all these products. My skin has never looked better either. Combining a few of these will help keep your skin protected from all the sun you’ll be getting! So make sure you don’t forget a little sunscreen and think about your skin down the road!!

Enjoy all this wonderful weather babes!!


10 Ways To Have An Eco Friendly Home & Save Money…

We are all realizing to look for better food to consume, so let’s take this a step further and really crack down on unsafe chemicals found in our products. Some items pollute the air… in our own home even…and some products waste our money buy breaking down over time.

  • Things like the soaps you use, the cleaning products, and even down to your shower curtain can be toxic. So it’s important to know ways to keep the air clean and smell fresh without all the toxic products. 

  • Indoor air can be almost 100x worse than outdoor air. Causing asthma and disruptions to the natural healing process of our bodies.

So here are my favorite products I use throughout my house and methods that keep my mind at ease and reduce waste. You will save money by ditching all the pointless cleaners, plastic bags, candles and all. This stuff will leave your home clean, disinfected & smelling great.

•Amber Bottles$10

These are great because they won’t break down like plastic bottles. Plus they are cute and perfect for concocting your own cleaning recipes with essential oils. Natural cleaning solutions with vinegar, lemon and water are way safer than most spray cleaners. I love mine! I make my own air freshener and cleaner.

•Wool Dryer Balls$10

wool balls are the perfect solution for keeping your clothes soft and static free. Plus you will save a ton of money on dryer sheets. Spritz a little essential oil on these and pop right in to the dryer. Save money and save your air from synthetic fragrance. Dryer sheets can be very toxic. And these last for sooooo long! I haven’t used dryer sheets in years thanks to these. They work wonders.

•Air Purifier$85

It is nice to have one of these to help clean the air from what we pollute it with inside our home. These actually rid the air of germs, so it’s great for protecting the family and visitors from spreading illness. This is the best investment. We love ours!! Keeps the home smelling fresh as well.

•Ditch Plastic & Toxic Kitchen Items

Links to items below..

Try Stainless Steel/Silicone/Glass/Bamboo/Mesh

I decided to ditch all the old plastic in the house this year. Many plastics may be safe to use but break down over time and become an issue again. It disrupts the natural functions of our bodies. So I replaced all my children’s cups and even mine to meet some safer guidelines and it wasn’t more expensive.

I actually saved money switching from plastic tumblers to masons jars and steel straws. Because I don’t have to constantly replace cups.

I still have some safe plastic choices and I look out for the code number you can find on the bottom of your plastics..we look to buy options with the number 2 & 5! I buy reusable plastic/silicone bags for some snack containers instead of those typical sandwich bags at the store.

And stop using bottled water!!! Invest in some cute options to take your own water on the go. I only buy water out if I have ran out or forgot to bring my own.

Many toys now come in recycled plastics options such as Green Toys and they also make safer dinnerware choices for kids too. (More on kids toys and money saving tricks coming soon for Christmas!)

And don’t forget the shower curtain…they are one of the worst indoor air pollutants! We buy polyester washable curtains.

You will save because you won’t run out or need to replace constantly! Items are usually $10-$15 or way less…and last. I use all of these items below daily for food storage, drinks and snacks.

-Silicone Sippy Cup Lids

-Stainless Steel Straws

-Silicone Food/Snack Storage Bags

-Mesh Fruit/Veggie Bags

-Mason Jar Drinking Lids

-Glass Food Storage/Oven Safe

-Beeswax Reusable Food Wrap

-Washable Fabric Shower Curtain

•Charcoal Bags $15 5 pack

Perfect for a little extra indoor air cleaning and helps remove odors! I have one on everyone’s closet door handle. Charcoal helps kill odors and keep air clean naturally. These little bags are cute too.

Salt Lamps$19.99

Salt lamps release positive ions into the air which are great for your health and mood. I sleep next to one every night to offset all the things in my room that my be harmful to our air. They are calming and said to help with indoor allergies.

Plants-So stock up on some of the best plants that actually release fresh air into your home! I prefer ivy, aloe & peace lilies since they are so low maintenance. I keep a plant in each room of the house. It’s so comforting and adorable for the decor of your home.

•Safe Soap/Cleaner & Essential Oils

Essential Oil Bundle $14.95

-Cool Mist Humidifier/oil diffuser

My favorites are tea tree, lemon and lavender. Thieves oil is great for cleaning. Avoid eucalyptus if there are young children in the house though. I love to use vinegars and baking soda as my main cleaning agents. All these agents clean and disinfect countertops, toilets and even floors.  Just use those amber bottles to store it!

Seventh Generation makes wonderful cleaning supplies that disinfect home too…Especially if you aren’t familiar with oils or just need the power of a good disinfectant quickly.

And if ditching candles and plugins to get the clean house smell doesn’t sound appealing go for Beeswax candles and burners! They actually help the air instead of bogging it down with fake fragrance.I love to use a diffuser & cool air humidifier to freshen up my home.

You will save money because oils go a long way.

Reusable Napkins/Cleaning Cloths$3.99

I ditched paper towels a long time ago. I realized I was going through them way too much, so I stocked up on some tea sack towels and starting using old rags to clean. Money saver!! I still will have paper towels and things for parties and such but keep it to a minimum.

•Reusable Tote Bags$2-5

I love canvas bags and use them for everything. I use them as a diaper bag even! But they are great to keep in the car for when you want to run to the farmers market or a quick store trip. Why do we need fancy bags anyway??

This works just fine. And usually less then $5.

I’ll do more on how to become a minimalist in many ways. Going to store shouldn’t mean a different cleaner for every room and surface. (Except lovely wood!) Doing this will cut down plastics and chemicals around you and your family.

My Current Favorite Hair Care Products…




Alright…I’ve been testing everything from nail polish to body lotions to bring to you the overall best products you can find in the aisles anywhere…You can thank my love of Target for these articles…but these truly are fantastic products I recommend as much as some of the higher end contenders.

My Favorite Shampoo & Conditioner…


Loreal Ever Pure Shampoo & Conditioner…This leaves hair feel so soft and flexible. No harsh washing, so there’s a fresh clean scent with great shine. I couldn’t believe my hair after using this. I was shocked how great it was honestly. It felt like new hair!!!  I swear by this now. $5.99 each

My Favorite Dry Shampoo…


-Clariol Hair Food Dry Shampoo…Okay…I tend to have fine oily hair, so sometimes it’s better to spritz a little mousse and dry shampoo in my roots to get some volume over tons of hair spray etc..In most cases, I’ll use just this and a little tease…my hair holds up and smells amazing. $9.99-$11.99

My Favorite Hair Serum…


-Organix Weightless Healing Dry Oil…Argan Oil is so great for hair and hair growth. There’s no greasy residue from this. Great scent and leaves hair silky smooth. Works wonders for growing hair by protecting the strands!!! $5.99

These are what I’m using regularly now. My hair is healthy and that’s important for trying to grow out hair. All of these are worth a good shot and an amazing steal!!!!


The Best Winter Skin Care Products…The Gift That Keeps On Giving…

Let’s face it…winter can do a number on our skin. That’s why I bump up the moisturizers this time of year. Nobody wants dry, dull skin. I’ve gathered up some of the best products to try. So while we all know what makeup look and party dress we love, let’s not forget to do a little party prep on our skin and hair to really shine!!!

My essential list for ice cold temperatures are a ultra rich face lotion, gentle facial and body washes, a sweet scent for the tresses, always a good lip scrub to avoid chapped lips, a brightening facial mask, a luxurious bath to keep skin soft & top it all off with an intense body crème to seal the deal.

In today’s ring, we only have two contending brands that I adore, especially during Christmas. Philosophy and Lush get it right time & time again. The scents are glorious and even the packaging is so darn cute!!

From Philosphy, they have an amazing hydrating & anti-aging face lotion,”Miracle Worker”, that can beat the winter harshness. Now their shampoo/bubbles/body wash combinations & body lotions are heavenly. I like “amazing grace” but they have a ton of scents perfect for the holidays too. Divine!!!!!!

Now Lush, my all time favorite for anything, does every holiday right. So naturally, pun intended, they are right on par for Christmas. I’m looking forward to the Cranberry Festive Face Mask and Bûche De  Noël Face and Body Cleanser I just found. They are always gentle and perfectly balanced to protect nearly anyone’s skin.

So don’t forget to share the love with your fellow loved ones. These would make anyone a happy gifted girl. Perfect for stalking stuffers too! Make sure you follow along Pinterest for more great ideas and direct links to buy!!!

Pumpkin Pie Inspired Manicure…

I love to have my nails themed to either the event I’m attending or my outfit at the least. This year..I have picked out a nail wrap to go along with Thanksgiving! Seriously, I love this time of year! So many festivities!

These lovely nails are all thanks to Jamberry. This wrap is called Pumpkin Spice, of course! I love that I was able to have a fantastic manicure done at home, especially with my busy schedule this week. I love how the orange fades into the gold glitter😍

It was my first time trying it out actually. I love all the different themes they have. The trick is in the application. I advise taking your time to ensure the wrap is lined up properly on the clean nail bed. Have a good nail file on hand to make sure the wrap is trimmed perfectly to prevent snagging.

This was right after applying and trimming the wrap down just a little. So as you can see, it can get pretty precise and comes with different sizes if one doesn’t quite match up with your nail bed.

Feel free to ask any questions or let me know if you have any better tips! Glad I finally tried these out and can’t wait to do the Christmas ones! If you would like to browse them or need a consultant check out Heather! She’s very friendly and would love to help!

On Wednesdays,We Wear Pink💗

In honor of giving birth to a daughter, in a matter of days, I decided to brighten up the manicure with none other than pink.  I know, I know…not very seasonal of me. I just had to though!! So excited to share my love of all things girly with her. It’s only a matter of time before the boys turn her in to a tomboy!

Plus, it’s Indian Summer here in Indiana. So I am enjoying the warmer weather for a few days before I delve in to all the holidays festivities. I have a lot of fun things I’d like to try to this year and can’t wait to share! 🍗❄️🍾🎄

Just love it. I cannot wait to match my Gigi girl💗💞🎀

Happy Wednesday!!! Xoxo