Happy Halloween! And Holidays?…Plus, my favorite Fall Instagram moments & playlist!

Heeeeey Yooooouuuuu Guuuuuys!

Y’all have been on my heart so much this year but I needed a break. A big one. Like I’m not totally off my break even…but popping in to make sure things are still flowing and to say hi!

When my mother got sick earlier this year, I just decided to stop everything….and relax. I worked a little with my church and local places to get out and about. But it was so nice just stop all the social media, emails & such that come along with writing.

To be honest… I’m probably not keeping up my Instagram too much here… sorry just can’t do it. It’s tiresome and some weird things from weird people were coming my way.. so no. I like to keep things pretty private elsewhere now!

But I love writing to you and still here and active on Pinterest. Obviously holidays are upon us, so I have no intention of being really active again now either..lots of life stuff going on. Between marriage, kids, work and everything in between… I’m figuring out where I want to take this. But I love you all and miss this badly… but until then…

I’ll be enjoying Halloween with my children tomorrow and all the fun things that will come after… Turkey…Birthdays and Christmas shenanigans, of course.

Have a wonderful Halloween Babes!!

Halloween Vibes on Spotify

Halloween Vibes

I put together some my FAVORITE songs I’ve been rocking out to all October to get into the mood for some retro Halloween action. Most songs have ties to pretty awesome tv/movie counterparts & based on your favorite characters to dress up as. Plus, the videos are good! Be back soon and stay classy my sassies!




The 5 Best Beauty Buys For Your Bombshell Summer!

Hey Mermaid Babes!!!  I just recently went on my coconut obsessed shopping sprees the last few weekends. I literally buy all things coconut in summer……protein bars, lotions, ice cream, chocolates…literally stock up for summer! It’s a habit, but hey it makes me happy. So as I did my Ulta Beauty round up of my summer goodies, I figured I’d share with you the Ultimate Summer Beauty List.

These items are 100%. I think less is so much more in summer. It’s hot, humid & downright sexy if you ask me!! So my gorgeous babes, here is my list of THE BEST products to keep you carefree and lovin yo self all summer long!!!!

1. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Dry Shampoo-Toasted Coconut

It’s hot and muggy in the summer. So when your locks are less than fluffy, pump them back up with this wonderful stuff. It’s smell is delightful & will give you that Va-Va Voom feeling back.

2. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray..

Who has time to do their hair in the summer? And why would you?!! I’m the kind of girl who definitely gets my hair wet all summer long. So I don’t like to fuss with styling too much. Toss in this miracle spray and be done with it. You will feel like Blake Lively snuck into your bathroom and gave you her expert hair tips.

3. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Shimmer..

Just all of these. Take my check and give them to me. They go on effortlessly. No streaky mess. No fuss. Just perfect pop of color to match your golden, summer booty. All of the tints are wonderful and simple but I love the Champagne, Grapefruit & Strawberry colors.

4. ELF Baked Highlighter


If you know me, you know I love me some e.l.f. products, especially in the summer. I just don’t see a point to wasting big bucks on makeup that can smudge and smear in the heat. Or keep you from swimming! Put some of this on your sweet cheeks and you’ll be feeling like a golden, goddess in no time. The cost won’t leave you feeling bad when you need to reapply & it is quality still!…
5. Amazing Maui Babe Browning Lotion

Ok. Let’s be real. We need to wear sunscreen boos. I like to get a little glow too! But I know when my time is up and just love to add a tiny, little bit of tanning lotions into the mix. It keeps that gorgeous, glow around without the constant sun exposure! I mean, the title says it all here! So don’t feel bad if you feel like you need a little extra tan every once in awhile…this stuff has your back Baby Cakes! ***But I do recommend little use of tanning lotions to keep skin perky over time and safe! A good self tanning lotion works wonders!

(Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion)

Bam! Go have some fun in the sun, when your done prep your fine self with these items and be done. Your hair will look and feel great. Your face will be glowing & so will your whole body! You will feel like you just went on vacation!

I love these items and so will you! I use all of these & put on a little waterproof mascara and eyeliner to go along with it and call it a day, all summer long.

So go enjoy your glow this Summer babes!!! Cheers!!

The Best Products For Beautiful Skin All Summer Long…

Summertime is near. So that means long, hot days and lots of sun exposure!! It’s important to keep our skin protected and balanced however. Don’t forget to reset after the sun with these fabulous beauty buys to keep your skin looking youthful and bright!

  • Vitamin C Serum by LilyAna Naturals…vitamin c will keep your skin radiant. It helps reduce wrinkles and evens tone. This will remove scarring too! I swear by this stuff now. Your skin will be glowing and any sign of recent breakouts will be gone. I love how soft my skin feels too. I actually stopped wearing foundation again after finding this stuff! It helps maintain a youthful looking complexion like no other. And combats the sun exposure!

  • Rosehip & Hibiscus Eye Cream by LilyAna Naturals…ok y’all..I had some mad dark under eye circles for awhile! No sleep, in my new mommy years, did a number on my skin. Eye creams were very new to me. This one is so delicate & refreshing. This is also another reason I do not need so much highlighter & foundation!!

  • Freeman Beauty Infusion Revitalizing Peel Off Mask- Pomegranate + Peptides…this is another amazing face mask that cost next to nothing for its work. I use this once a week for a quick way to clean out the pores and keep my skin firm! My skin feels so clean when it’s done.

  • St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer…I have sung its praises many times! I love this face lotion. This smell alone is glorious. Simply one of the best…this lotion goes a long, long way and at only $5 a tub, who wouldn’t want some?!! You need to make sure to add Collagen to your facial routine and this is a great step. Keep your skin moisturizer on hand all Summer!

  • Retinol Cream by Niara Beauty…we found this so cheap on Amazon and I had to instantly buy a few more bottles! I have even gotten compliments on my skin this summer ever since I have added this to my skincare regime. Its divine!! Retinol does wonders to reduce appearance of aging and  discoloration. Highly recommend using. This is by far my favorite beauty product.

  • Freeman Brightening Overnight Mask – Hibicus + Vitamin C… another summer staple! This will instantly brighten your skin. I use this a few times a week. Feeling tight after a little too much sun? This has your back. You will be basking in your own glow come Morning time. Another simple money saver here too! You can find this in Ulta or even Target etc..

I honestly use all these products. My skin has never looked better either. Combining a few of these will help keep your skin protected from all the sun you’ll be getting! So make sure you don’t forget a little sunscreen and think about your skin down the road!!

Enjoy all this wonderful weather babes!!

The Best Face Masks You Need To Try: Sheet Masks Review

Best Face Sheet Masks

So I’m sure you have seen the plethora of face masks that are on display, basically at every store. And I don’t think sheet masks are going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll admit, I have an old faithful face mask I swear by and will not ever change it…but it takes time to make and can be messy. So if I am in a hurry, I’ll grab a few sheet masks to keep in stock. I love them! I’ll be trying out more for you soon too!

And it’s no secret I’m a mama bear. Being a mother means sleepless nights, sleepless nights means dark circles..yikes. Ain’t enough concealer in the world to hide that secret sometimes! But these wonderful face masks work so well and I swear by them.

Using these three in combination will give you an instant glow for any occasion.

Take a look below and see some of my favorite grab and go masks to perk my skin up for a lovely glow.

The Best Face Masks You Need To Try

Burt’s Bees Charcoal Sheet Mask Review

1. Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Charcoal Mask

This little guy will leave your skin with a fresh, clean feeling. I think it does a great job with creating an even complexion. The best part it’s 99% natural which is why I love Burt’s Bees products. They smell great and don’t leave you too dry or oily. It’s the perfect combination ( all thanks to the honey!) Only $2.50 for a single use!

Soo AE Panda Eyes Brightening Mask

2. Panda Eye Brightening Mask

I love this!! It’s adorable and fun to use! And it works! I’m not lying when I say motherhood will leave you a little…tired…so having these masks around are a must! This is my favorite. It really does soothe the delicate eye area and leaves you with looking like a doe-eyed Disney Princess.

Masqueology 24k Gold Under Eye Gel Mask

3. Masqueology Under Eye Gold Gel Mask

24k Gold? Niacinamide? Collagen?!! Yes please.

I keep under eye gel masks at all times. They work. Collagen is very important for maintaining radiant skin. I put collagen powder in my drinks even. But more on that later, as I say. I love an instant fix though too! This will awaken your skin!

So if you’re heading out for a big event or just need a quick pick me up … these are my some favorites! And you can find them just about anywhere, Walmart, Target etc..

In the meantime just order them up to be delivered now!

Soo AE Panda Eye Brightening Masks

Burt’s Bees Charcoal Mask

Masqueology Under Eye Gold Gel Masks

Stay tuned for more masks reviews!

My Home Tour..& Keeping Up On The Clutter

Hi guys!  I wanted to share with you my humble abode today. It’s nice to take a peak inside and see where the magic happens! And I want to show you how we function and keep things more minimal these days.

We recently moved into a beautiful community. And honestly, we do love to rent. Like anything, it can have it’s downfalls. But we are in love with our little space right now. There is a big gym, cafe space, tanning, tennis, pools, local farms and gyms… and so much more that we get access to while living here. Which is so, so freaking nice when having three kids! Always something to do within a short bike ride.

It is in a community linked up gorgeous walking trails too. Oh and those trails lead us right up to our favorite farm that has weekly local markets, food trucks, beer tents, kids events and festivals all year long. Score! Now, it just needs to warm up so we can reap the benefits.

So yea…loving it. Of course, we will be looking for a real house to settle down in but right now we don’t even have to leave our little area to have fun all Summer long! This year we vowed to pay off debt too. We want to be debt free and care free before we settle into a home. So I enjoy the carefree nature of renting until we find that or create that.

And the good news is.. we are mostly debt free now! Which feels amazing. I never was one to completely rack up the bills but there was some things, like credit cards and such, that kept monthly bills higher than we’d like, so going a little more minimal without sacrificing things we loved was the plan. It does not take much or cost much to create a life you love. I enjoy only having things and pieces that bring me joy…the rest can just clutter my mind and make daily life feel more hectic than it needs to be.

I love being able to wipe up a clear counter when I am done cooking and not having to move a ton of things. I love having toys organized in bins, there will never be confusion on where it goes and makes it easy for the kids to clean up. Being minimal just keeps daily life smooth in my opinion. My home will always generally be clean because that is what I prefer. It will not be perfect, just tidy. I do not think that moms have to be perfect but I do know moms or anyone in general feel overwhelmed, so why not take the pressure off life and keep things simple? Buying less means less to clean and less to store. It saves money too. So if you are feeling like you are struggling at home..being minimal in all things does help that. There will always be things that need cleaned or laundry to do but keep the rest of life light!

Being in an apartment teaches you to really look at what you need and want. When we moved here, so much stuff had to be sold and donated because it simply would not fit. And I can’t even remember what some of it was! Just toys and clothes and things that were never being used anyway. I knew I wanted to be within walking distance to all our favorite things here though, so it was all worth it..plus no houses we looked at felt totally right. I am not a major impulse buyer when it comes to big things!

And if you are wondering how the kids feel about it, they love it too. They have played so much better now that they can actually see the toys they have kept and organized their favorite things. Playtime has been amazing…no clutter! Well smaller amounts of clutter I should say… but take a look inside and see how we keep that eclectic, homey feel even in our apartment! And how we organize. Obviously, I picked up before I took pictures too mommas…I promise having less toys is less stress!

The Living & Dining Space

I like to keep a central theme going through the apartment. The kids are always dragging pillows and blankets from one room to the next, so by keeping everything in our rental space generally neutral makes it all look nice no matter which room it is in and I just double up on my favorite pillows and things. I even did the bathrooms as the same simple design to keep things vibing. I wanted this place to feel like a home away from home since we are in limbo. You know that nice simple feeling when you are on vacation and staying at a nice hotel..that is the feel we were going for this Summer.

Only buy things that bring you joy…for instance I decorate with some of our favorite toys and books. I buy gorgeous pillows that I love to see in each room but they are comfortable, affordable and stylish even. It does not have to cost a fortune or be perfect to be cute and fun! Plus you do not want it to be so staged that you never have fun either.

The Bedrooms

I let the kids design and help pick out their room. They will be starting school and sports this year, so we wanted to really dive into their interests. My sons are very much into all sciences, so we created a space where their imagination can start flowing and we learn things daily in there! We love a little space for their school work. Which I homeschool their preschool activities, so school space was needed. We also switched over to a twin trundle bed for our sons too. they love the bigger bed and they just had to have the lightning bolt sheets with the fun blankets we found.

My daughter loves all things pink. Flamingos, cotton candy, anything furry…she wants to be a ballerina too. So she loves to fill her room with just cute things she adores.

When we moved we kept only their favorite things. My children play with balloons and crafts more than toys, so we donated so much big stuff. We organized the rest by bins and baskets. That way when they want to do puzzles I can go right to the closets and pick the bin for it. Same goes for Barbies, Hotwheels and so on…all labeled and organized. The kids can help clean up knowing what bin it belongs in too. It is not crazy level perfection, just enough to keep a day at home running smoothly as possible.

The Boys Room

Gigi’s Room

Her little wonderland…

Our Room

My “hotel” room I like to call it…I just love white ya’ll….

And do not forget that I will be whipping up some mean recipes in that little kitchen soon and sharing my tips on keeping toddler life less hectic! Again, its not going to be perfect…nothing ever will be. But WE CAN control some of the chaos if we do not like it. I will talk more on that very soon momma babes! Just create a space that vibes and flows for yourself or your family and that will feel amazing every day…

Shop my favorite similar styles here…

cloud pillow





The Ultimate Minimalist Shoe Guide: Kristin Cavallari Edition +20% Deal Inside!

I love me some shoes. It is honestly hard to be a minimalist when it comes to shoes. I remember even in my young’n days, I would buy big,huge Spice Girl approved shoes. There just had to be options and heels. Now, I definitely care more about comfort than ever before though. That is why I bring you these lovely items below. There is quality, comfort and style.

And the trick to trying to keeping things minimal, without sacrificing style, is to buy the essentials for each occasion. Keep your colors mostly neutral and only buy your absolute favorites. For instance I love to have a few pumps in different colors and a few boots in different colors and so on.

You will need something for more elegant nights and you will need something for calmer days. So here is my absolute guide to all things shoes and the best part is some are on sale and designed by the wonderful Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry!

Dont forgot that first time customers with Chinese Laundry get 20% off too..code below!

Receive 20% Off First Time Customers, with code FIRSTTIME, only at ChineseLaundry.com! Offer valid from 1/29 – 2/29.


Bootie, Bootie, Bootie, Bootie walking everywhere…..that’s right. Everywhere. These bad boys are my absolute faves for anything. They are casual enough to run around in, so cute for a casual date night and the thicker heel will keep you balancing in heels baby.


Pretty woman..walking down the street. These boots are hot, hot ,hot. I mean literally. I live in the Midwest girlfriend. These sexy things keep you warm and smokin hot. Over the Knee boots are a closet must have for Winter time. Going out with these always make you feel put together too. I love to wear them with a chunky sweater.


A classic high heel is a must. I love this color because it will be cute with a neutral dress or jeans. Having a few heels that are versatile enough for any event is okay in my book. I really do try to keep things elegant but simple, so this is a great pump to have on hand for anything.


Flats have my heart ya’ll. I wear a ton of blouses and I feel having a classy mule is a great alternative to tennis shoes if you need to dress it up a little more. They are so comfy and so cute! You can walk around the entire day with these and feel fantastic. These shoes are so elegantly chic. Pair these with a comfy sweater or basic top and you will be looking like the belle of the ball…the Target ball.


Summer summer summertime…time to sit back and untie… An awesome pair of shoes to go with anything all summer long. I prefer these to flip flops actually. Some cut off jean shorts and these beauties are going to be my go-to outfit this Summer. Effortlessly beautiful.


You already know you need to have your Bradshaw moment from time to time. Go a little more glam with this heel. These and a fabulous clutch will make any LBD shine like diamonds. It is important to have that one shoe you can count on for suprise dates or to jazz up any dress.


Ok…I have a weakness for booties. I could just wear these all year long. Do have a shoe that is just too cute not to have. Hey we all deserve a treat. So even if you are a fan of downsizing…you can never go wrong with a shoe this beautiful or two….

Shop New Arrivals at ChineseLaundry.com!

*This post contains affliate links