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The Timeless Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Ah that time of year again! Where you're scoping out all the latest and greatest items to buy your little loved ones I used to fall victim to all-things-toys when I was a new mom. I thought for sure they'd love it all. I mean how could they not?! They love it when we are… Continue reading The Timeless Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

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DIY Design Pumpkins & Donut Pumpkins…

We love painting pumpkins in this house!! The kids are too little to carve, so we like getting creative and finding things the tots can help out with! My favorite spot to get supplies is Target! These studs shown are $2.00...Acrylic paint is usually $.75-1.50ish. Basically, nothing is over a few dollars a piece... I… Continue reading DIY Design Pumpkins & Donut Pumpkins…

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Simple Healthy Snacking…Try this instead of…

Most days, I totally feel like ordering a pizza and calling it a day when it comes to cooking...and sometimes I do!! But that's not always the best choice for the kiddos..so I have been coming up with quick easy prep meals and snacks for the whole family... Eating well and staying hydrated is so… Continue reading Simple Healthy Snacking…Try this instead of…

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The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Scrub DIY Refill..

Great for pedicures & clearing up skin while moisturizing!! I have always loved companies like The Honest Company, St. Ives, Lush & The Body Shop. I swear, nothing works on skin like the most natural products!! It's part of the reason I started this blog...to show others it really is a great option!! They are… Continue reading The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Scrub DIY Refill..

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Fall Essentials Shopping….

Raised in the South, living in the Midwest...simple and chic is the name of my game. I adore dressing up, but with 3 kids under 3 at the end of this year, I want to go a little more basic and sleek. For me, less is more. I feel prettiest when I'm comfy!! So here's… Continue reading Fall Essentials Shopping….