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The Best Dupe Lotions.. Timeless Skin

Ok guys...I have been trying a lot of new products out and just keeping up on my old favorites. So I'm going to be doing a segment on my must haves!! They cost a fraction of some of everyone's favorites and will not disappoint! (Atleast I wasn't!) I can't wait to share my favorite things… Continue reading The Best Dupe Lotions.. Timeless Skin

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The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Scrub DIY Refill..

Great for pedicures & clearing up skin while moisturizing!! I have always loved companies like The Honest Company, St. Ives, Lush & The Body Shop. I swear, nothing works on skin like the most natural products!! It's part of the reason I started this show others it really is a great option!! They are… Continue reading The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Scrub DIY Refill..

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DIY Lip Scrub…

Lush is my all time favorite cosmetics company. The scents are wonderful and everything works great for my skin type. I realized I was out of my favorite Lip Scrub though! Luckily for me, I love making my own versions of things. Just look at the ingredients on the label even! Such natural, amazing ingredients… Continue reading DIY Lip Scrub…