My Home Tour..& Keeping Up On The Clutter

Hi guys!  I wanted to share with you my humble abode today. It's nice to take a peak inside and see where the magic happens! And I want to show you how we function and keep things more minimal these days. We recently moved into a beautiful community. And honestly, we do love to rent.… Continue reading My Home Tour..& Keeping Up On The Clutter

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The Timeless Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Ah that time of year again! Where you're scoping out all the latest and greatest items to buy your little loved ones I used to fall victim to all-things-toys when I was a new mom. I thought for sure they'd love it all. I mean how could they not?! They love it when we are… Continue reading The Timeless Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

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Simple Secrets to Staying Fit…

Alright, let me start with something here... I do not deprive myself of anything I want. It does take motivation, will power and courage to get in shape after a certain point though. When I completely indulged with my first pregnancy, I thought I'd never lose the weight. I gained nearly 70 pounds! I still… Continue reading Simple Secrets to Staying Fit…