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The 10 Best Books For Mindfulness & Grace

Guys!! I've missed writing so badly. I took a little break over the holidays to just relax. But I still couldn't turn off the idea-train. Honestly, it was perfect though. I was able to reevaluate where I wanted to take things and decide what was for me and what wasn't. The other amazing thing I… Continue reading The 10 Best Books For Mindfulness & Grace

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The Ultimate Ladies Christmas List

Who loves a great stocking stuffer?! I do I do! Only a few things are over $15!! I have gathered up my fave things for my lovely ladies here..great products with great quality. These are the items on the top of my little wish list this year too & I just had to share them… Continue reading The Ultimate Ladies Christmas List

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Childhood Art Project: Glow in the Dark Pillowcases

We love making things for our home. So for Halloween this year we decided to make Glow in the Dark pillowcases with each child’s artwork. I drew little outlines for them to color in. We did our favorite shapes and colors. And they look oh so cute in the dark!! The kids beg to sleep… Continue reading Childhood Art Project: Glow in the Dark Pillowcases

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The Best Dupe Lotions.. Timeless Skin

Ok guys...I have been trying a lot of new products out and just keeping up on my old favorites. So I'm going to be doing a segment on my must haves!! They cost a fraction of some of everyone's favorites and will not disappoint! (Atleast I wasn't!) I can't wait to share my favorite things… Continue reading The Best Dupe Lotions.. Timeless Skin

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Simple Healthy Snacking…Try this instead of…

Most days, I totally feel like ordering a pizza and calling it a day when it comes to cooking...and sometimes I do!! But that's not always the best choice for the I have been coming up with quick easy prep meals and snacks for the whole family... Eating well and staying hydrated is so… Continue reading Simple Healthy Snacking…Try this instead of…

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Simple Secrets to Staying Fit…

Alright, let me start with something here... I do not deprive myself of anything I want. It does take motivation, will power and courage to get in shape after a certain point though. When I completely indulged with my first pregnancy, I thought I'd never lose the weight. I gained nearly 70 pounds! I still… Continue reading Simple Secrets to Staying Fit…